Wildlife Crime Busted: Two Arrested with Ivory Stash in Greater Noida

Wildlife Crime Busted: Two Arrested with Ivory Stash in Greater Noida
Wildlife Crime Busted: Two Arrested with Ivory Stash in Greater Noida

Greater Noida West: In a major breakthrough, the Uttar Pradesh Special Task Force (UP STF) and Bisrakh police station arrested two members of an interstate smuggler gang who had arrived in Upvan Colony near Chipiyana village with the intention of selling ivory. The accused were identified as Ankur Mathur and Rajat Pawar. Acting on reliable information, the authorities apprehended the smugglers while they were traveling in a Honda City car, which was being used for the illegal transportation of ivory.

A Notorious Smuggling Attempt Thwarted:

Upon intercepting the suspects, the police discovered a bag in their possession that contained a substantial amount of ivory. In total, 1800 grams of the banned substance were seized from the accused. The recovery of the ivory was followed by the swift arrest of Ankur Mathur and Rajat Pawar, both of whom are now in police custody.

Smugglers Reveal Their Connection to the Crime:

During the interrogation, Rajat Pawar, a taxi driver hailing from Solan, Himachal Pradesh, disclosed the modus operandi of the gang. He revealed that he became involved in the illegal trade through a fellow taxi driver named Arvind, who introduced him to Puran from Shimla. Puran entrusted them with the task of selling the smuggled ivory in the Delhi National Capital Region (NCR). Ankur Mathur, an associate of Arvind, was also roped in for this nefarious activity.

Legal Action Under the Wildlife Protection Act:

As per ASP Rajkumar Mishra of the UP STF, both the accused were promptly charged under relevant sections of the Wildlife Protection Act. The Wildlife Protection Act of 1972 in India prohibits the trade and possession of ivory to safeguard endangered species and preserve biodiversity. Given the severity of the crime, Ankur Mathur and Rajat Pawar were remanded to judicial custody, awaiting further legal proceedings.

Manhunt Launched for Other Gang Members:

Authorities are not taking this case lightly and have initiated an intensive investigation to track down other members of the interstate smuggler gang involved in the illicit trade of ivory. The police are determined to dismantle the network and ensure that all those responsible face the full force of the law.

The arrest of Ankur Mathur and Rajat Pawar in Greater Noida West is a significant blow to the illegal wildlife trade. The UP STF and Bisrakh police have displayed commendable vigilance in apprehending the criminals and seizing the ivory. The authorities are resolute in their efforts to safeguard the nation’s precious wildlife and will continue their relentless pursuit of the remaining culprits involved in this smuggling racket.

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