What Is Bluebugging & How Hackers Use It: Guide To Safeguard Your Devices

What Is Bluebugging & How Hackers Use It: Guide To Safeguard Your Devices
What Is Bluebugging & How Hackers Use It: Guide To Safeguard Your Devices

JAI RAHEJA IN NOIDA: Bluebugging is a hacking technique that gives hackers access to Bluetooth-connected devices. After a device or phone has been blue-bugged, a hacker can use this technique to intercept calls, read and transmit messages, and steal and alter contacts. Initially, it looked to pose a threat to Bluetooth-enabled desktops and laptops.

Later, hackers began targeting mobile phones and other gadgets with their ways. The bug exploited a Bluetooth protocol weakness to acquire call records and phone books from the smartphone of the targeted user.

Devices under attack:

Any Bluetooth-capable gadget is susceptible to blue-bugging. Wireless earbuds enable such exploits. Using apps that connect to TWS (True Wireless Stereo) headphones or other devices, users can record conversations. When your account is compromised, the hacker can alter or grab your contacts, conduct and monitor conversations, read and send messages, and more.

How do cybercriminals utilise Bluebugging?

Bluebugging is an attack technique that targets Bluetooth-enabled devices. Bluetooth on the device must be in discoverable mode, which is the default setting. The hacker then attempts Bluetooth pairing with the device. Once a connection has been established, hackers can overcome authentication via brute force assaults.

Additionally, they can install malware on the compromised device to get unauthorised access. When a Bluetooth-enabled device is within 10 metres of the hacker, the hack can be executed.

How can Bluebugs be prevented?

Bluebugging can be avoided by disconnecting Bluetooth and deleting associated Bluetooth devices when not in use, updating the system software on the device, limiting the use of open WiFi, and utilising a VPN as an additional security measure.

Bluetooth is enabled by default on the vast majority of devices, exposing them to unauthorised connections. To prevent people from discovering your Bluetooth devices, you should first disable Bluetooth settings. This stops hackers from identifying them and from partnering with the device.

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