Saving Lives, Rescuing Children, And Finding Missing Bags: How Railway Protection Force (RPF) Made Our Lives Better

Saving Lives, Rescuing Children, And Finding Missing Bags: How Railway Protection Force (RPF) Made Our Lives Better
Saving Lives, Rescuing Children, And Finding Missing Bags: How Railway Protection Force (RPF) Made Our Lives Better

NEW DELHI: Under the mission “Jeevan Raksha,” Railway Protection Force (RPF) men risked their lives to save 114 lives in 2022. During the month of February 2022, 35 males and 27 females were saved.

Saving endangered human lives is not a Railway Protection Force (RPF) sanctioned responsibility, rather it is a divinely appointed duty for all citizens. As “citizens in uniform,” Railway Protection Force (RPF) personnel go above and beyond the call of duty, putting their own lives in danger to safeguard the lives of others.

There have been occasions where passengers attempting to board or deboard a moving train slip and fall, perhaps collapsing under the train’s wheels.

The Railway Protection Force (RPF) is in charge of the security of railway property, passenger areas, passengers, and other related things. They also assist travellers in need and rescue women and children who require care and protection.

Children in distress who come into contact with railways are at risk of being exploited or trafficked. The stage of exploitation begins with the transportation of the victim child. Once a child has been exploited, no amount of rehabilitation, no matter how great, can erase the wounds on his or her psyche produced by exploitation. RPF is carefully placed to protect the youngster before he or she enters into the clutches of exploiters.


Railway Protection Force (RPF) has initiated “Operation Nanhe Fariste” to capitalise on RPF’s strategic posture for kid protection and rescue.

RPF is dedicated to locating and rescuing children in need of care and protection who have been separated from their families for a variety of causes.

During the month of February 2022, 1156 children (787 boys and 369 girls) in need of care and protection who came into touch with Indian Railways were rescued through a follow-up effort coordinated with non-governmental organisations.

“In 2022, we rescued 1488 boys and 713 girls (a total of 2201 minors),” revealed a senior Railway Protection Force (RPF) official.


RPF personnel especially women RPF personnel, who currently form about 9% of total strength, go out of the way to help pregnant women, who go into labour during their train journeys, in childbirth under “Operation Matrishakti”.

During the month of Feb-2022, women RPF personnel provided assistance to nine such women passengers and were instrumental in bringing their children to this beautiful world.  We have provided help in 16 such cases in 2022.


Many passengers forget to take all their belongings in the rush to catch a train or leave the station. RPF personnel help in securing such belongings and restored them to the rightful owners under “Operation Amanat”.

RPF retrieved 1,746 passengers’ belongings valued to the tune of more than Rs 2.93 Crores under this operation during the month of February 2022. In 2022, we have secured and returned left behind luggage to the tune of Rs 5.74 Crores to their rightful owners.


Peddling in Narcotics is a grave crime against the nation. In order to focus attention to drive against the smuggling of narcotics through rail, RPF has launched “Operation NARCOS”. Under this operation, RPF has recovered Narcotic products valued Rs. 2.28 Crores with the arrest of 67 Persons during the month of  February 2022. The figure of seizure has crossed Rs 3.82 Crores with arrest of 248 persons in the year 2022.

RPF personnel acknowledge that deployment in mass contact areas makes it Mandatory for them to have requisite soft skills and have a service orientation. On the basis of feedback from passengers, we are continually fine-tuning and upgrading our skill sets and performance to help the nation and its citizens better.

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