IMC 2023: India’s Journey Towards Global Digital Innovation Begins

IMC 2023: India's Journey Towards Global Digital Innovation Begins
IMC 2023: India's Journey Towards Global Digital Innovation Begins

New Delhi: The 7th Edition of the India Mobile Congress 2023 (IMC) was inaugurated today by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Bharat Mandapam in New Delhi. IMC, Asia’s largest telecom, media, and technology forum, is set to take place from October 27th to 29th, 2023, under the theme ‘Global Digital Innovation.’ The event aims to bolster India’s position as a developer, manufacturer, and exporter of cutting-edge technologies.

Prime Minister Boosts Digital India with 5G Use Case Labs

During the inaugural ceremony, the Prime Minister awarded 100 ‘5G Use Case Labs’ to educational institutions across India. This initiative is set to empower students and educators with practical 5G experience, aligning with India’s vision of technological advancement.

Industry Leaders Praise Prime Minister’s Vision

Key industry leaders also shared their thoughts during the event. Akash M Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd, commended the Prime Minister’s dedication to improving the lives of the younger generation through the adoption of cutting-edge technologies. He emphasized the role the Prime Minister played in making the Digital India program inclusive, innovative, and sustainable.

Ambani announced that Jio had installed over 10 lakh 5G cells across all 22 circuits of India, making a significant 85 percent contribution to the 5G distribution. India now ranks among the top three 5G-enabled nations, boasting a user base of 125 million.

Airtel’s Remarkable 5G Rollout Plans

Chairman of Bharti Enterprises, Sunil Bharti Mittal, highlighted the Prime Minister’s vision for Digital India and the rapid development of digital infrastructure in the country. He praised the JAM trinity vision (Jan Dhan, Aadhaar, and Mobile) as a transformative force that has gained global recognition.

Mittal further revealed that Airtel’s 5G rollout had already taken place in 5000 towns and 20,000 villages, with plans to cover the entire country by March 2024. He acknowledged the Prime Minister’s call for nationwide coverage, emphasizing that this would be the fastest 5G rollout globally.

Vodafone Idea’s Commitment to India’s Digital Evolution

Kumar Mangalam Birla, Chairman of Aditya Birla Group, expressed his gratitude to the Prime Minister for his visionary leadership in driving India’s digital transformation. He recognized India’s emergence as a champion of the Global South, inspired by the Prime Minister’s vision. He emphasized that Vodafone Idea is committed to supporting the Prime Minister’s vision and actively engaging in the development of standards for futuristic technologies.

Prime Minister Modi: Paving the Way for Technological Advancement

In his address, Prime Minister Narendra Modi underlined the transformative potential of the India Mobile Congress in the 21st century. He stressed that the future is here and now, celebrating the event’s role in showcasing the future of telecom, technology, and connectivity.

The Prime Minister noted India’s rapid progress in 5G technology and emphasized the need to become a leader in 6G technology. He commended the fact that India had moved from the 118th position to the 43rd position in broadband speed within a year.

He also highlighted the importance of technology in improving various aspects of life, including education, healthcare, tourism, and agriculture. For the Prime Minister, ensuring access to capital, resources, and technology for all citizens is a priority, contributing to social justice and development.

India’s Rise in the Startup Ecosystem

The Prime Minister celebrated India’s remarkable progress in the startup ecosystem, with the country now counted among the top three startup ecosystems in the world. He mentioned the ‘Aspire’ program, an initiative to mentor startups, and expressed confidence in its positive impact on India’s youth.

Transforming India’s Manufacturing Landscape

Modi recounted India’s transition from being an importer of mobile phones to becoming the second-largest mobile manufacturer globally. He mentioned significant exports in electronics manufacturing, and the growing role of India in manufacturing for major companies like Google, Samsung, and Apple.

Semiconductor Manufacturing in India

Highlighting the importance of semiconductor manufacturing for India’s success in both hardware and software, the Prime Minister shared that India has initiated an 80 thousand crore rupees PLI scheme for semiconductor development. He underscored the collaboration of global semiconductor companies with Indian firms to meet not only domestic but global semiconductor needs.

Empowering Digital Technology Across Sectors

The Prime Minister underscored the importance of digital technology in various sectors. He mentioned initiatives like PM Gatishakti in logistics, National Health Mission in health, and Agri Stack in agriculture, as well as investments in scientific research and quantum technology.

Cybersecurity and the Importance of Self-reliance

Prime Minister Modi highlighted the importance of cybersecurity and the safety of network infrastructure. He emphasized the need for self-reliance in the entire manufacturing value chain, including hardware, software, and connectivity, to ensure national security.

India’s Thought Leadership and Aspiring for Revolution

Modi urged thought leaders to create new domains, emphasizing India’s potential in digital payments, like UPI, which is now leading the world. He encouraged the young generation to become thought leaders, envisioning revolutionary changes in the tech sector.

The inaugural ceremony of the India Mobile Congress 2023 was attended by Union Minister for Communications,   Ashwini Vaishnaw, Union Minister of State for Communications, Devusinh Chauhan, and other distinguished dignitaries. The event serves as a testament to India’s commitment to technological progress and its vision for a digitally inclusive future.

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