Noida International Airport Bags Best Infrastructure Award At Architectural Review Future Projects Awards

Noida International Airport Bags Best Infrastructure Award At Architectural Review Future Projects Awards
Noida International Airport Bags Best Infrastructure Award At Architectural Review Future Projects Awards

NOIDA: Noida International Airport, a proposed greenfield airport in Jewar, Uttar Pradesh, has won Architectural Review Future Projects’ “Best Infrastructure Award 2022.”

The AR Future Projects awards provide a glimpse into tomorrow’s cities by recognising excellence in unbuilt and incomplete projects as well as the potential for constructive contribution to communities, neighbourhoods, and urban landscapes around the world.

Nordic, Grimshaw, Haptic, and STUP created the passenger terminal of Noida International Airport, fusing Indian warmth and hospitality with Swiss efficiency. The design combines customer comfort with sustainability, as well as timeless design with flexibility for future needs.


The terminal design includes green spaces within and outside the structure, creating a notion for a future airport city and flexible expansion options to service 30 million passengers per year in the future.

The efficient layout, compelling design language, several high-quality areas spaced out with lush flora, and a balanced approach for both energy savings and a real sense of sustainability characterise the passenger terminal.

The architecture of the NIA is centred on sustainable development, and it will be India’s first net-zero emissions airport. It will include design features that are not just associated with local architecture, but also contribute to long-term operations. For example, the terminal’s central planted courtyard will allow for natural light and ventilation, lowering energy expenditures and CO2 emissions. The campus landscaping is intended to be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Other architectural elements associated with the local region’s architecture will include flights of steps at the terminal forecourt, similar to the iconic ghats of Varanasi and Haridwar, that will welcome and bring people together. A courtyard will provide the look and feel of a haveli while also allowing fresh air and sunlight into the terminal building. A white, translucent, wavy roof inspired by the region’s main rivers will create the illusion of a moving river. Intricate ornamental lattice screens inspired by Indian architecture will be featured in the passenger terminal. Noida International Airport will mark the state of Uttar Pradesh’s spectacular entrance.

The new futuristic airport for Delhi NCR, NOIDA, and Western UP will provide visitors with a smooth travel experience, ease of wayfinding, high-quality commercial offers, and a pleasant atmosphere. The airport’s architecture will take into account factors such as short and efficient passenger movements, digital services, and a dedication to minimising environmental effect.

Zurich Airport International chose a team of Nordic, Grimshaw, Haptic, and STUP as the architects to design the passenger terminal at Noida International Airport (NIA) near Jewar in December 2020 after a three-phase design competition between June and August 2020. The winner was chosen from three finalist teams with prior airport design experience.

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