Meet Class X Student Puhabi Chakraborti Who Got Award From PM Modi For Innovative AI Backed Sports App

Meet Class X Student Puhabi Chakraborti Who Got Award From PM Modi For Innovative AI Backed Sports App
Meet Class X Student Puhabi Chakraborti Who Got Award From PM Modi For Innovative AI Backed Sports App

Shambhavi Singh In NEW DELHI: Puhabi Chakraborti of Tripura has been awarded the Pradhan Mantri Rashtriya Bal Purashkar (PMRBP) for her outstanding achievements in the field of innovation for the year 2022.

Puhabi Chakraborty, the tenth standard girl from Tripura, has set a benchmark for all students at the National Institute of Technology (NIT) Agartala’s Kendriya Vidyalaya school by receiving the Bal Puraskar 2022. She innovated two applications, AthleteX and Spirometer.

This kid is one of a kind in herself. She is a champion in international kickboxing, and she regards her involvement in sport as one of the factors behind the development of the application – AthleteX.

This app aims at making the athletes atmanirbhar. It helps the athlete by detecting all internal and mental injuries and thus helps in better performance of the athletes.

Her fascination in technology stems from a personal experience. As a former athlete, Puhabi knew how difficult it was to acquire the right advice on diet, training, injury detection, and prevention.

She created AthleteX, an AI-enabled software that delivers tailored physical training recommendations, injury prevention measures, and more, after realising the relevance and severe need for assistance for athletes.

She developed AtheletX with the help of Intel AI couches when she took part in the Government of India’s national program for Government Schools- Responsible AI for youth. The training that she received in the program helped her tremendously in her internships.

Puhabi told the Prime Minister that her experience in sports inspired her to create an AI-based application called ‘AthleteX:- for the Atmanirbhar Athlete,’ which would help athletes perform better physically and emotionally by doing injury detection scans and accurately detecting injuries. It also uses deep learning to perform mental health scanning, and the Spirometer will help COVID sufferers breathe easier by supplying a proper amount of oxygen and gas mixtures.

The Spirometer helps calculate the correct amount of oxygen and other gases and then supplies it to COVID patients. It allows them to breathe in a better way.

The app’s mental health section uses a 25-point quiz created by the American Psychological Association, with points awarded for each response. “If the programme determines that the athlete is very stressed based on the data, it will offer yoga and meditation,” adds Puhabi. She goes on to say that it includes an injury detection and prevention solution that analyses exterior injuries and offers recovery options.

Puhabi intends to work in academia as a mechatronics teacher, a sector that she claims has received a lot of attention and investment.

Puhabi believes in the power of AI and its innovations. She finds it an essential tool for empowerment in the field of technology.

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