Meet Amruta, Daughter Of An Autorickshaw Driver, Who Got Rs 41 Lakh Annual Package At Adobe

Meet Amruta Daughter Of An Autorickshaw Driver Who Got Rs 41 Lakh Annual Package At Adobe
Meet Amruta, Daughter Of An Autorickshaw Driver, Who Got Rs 41 Lakh Annual Package At Adobe

KOLHAPUR: At the time when everybody is hearing about unemployment, salary cut and heavy losses due to Covid-19 pandemic, Kolhapur girl Amruta Karande’s Rs 41-lakh yearly pay package defy the trend.

The 21-year-old, who has currently enrolled in her fourth year of software engineering at the Kolhapur Institute of Technology (KIT) College, received a pre-placement offer letter from US software giant Adobe to work as a software development engineer at their Noida office.

Amruta was born into a middle-class household. Her father, Vijaykumar, works as an autorickshaw driver, while her mother, Rajashree, is a housewife.

“My parents have worked exceedingly hard to assist me in furthering my education. I’m delighted I can bring them some happiness. I wish to undertake innovative research in the field of information technology and software in India,” she said in an interview.

Amruta had placed in Adobe’s ‘C’ coding competition, after which she completed a two-and-a-half-month internship for which she was awarded a scholarship of Rs 1 lakh a month. She showed her worth during the internship time and bagged a pre-placement package offer of Rs 41 lakh. This is a unique story from western Maharashtra in which a college girl was offered such a huge salary package.

Amruta’s father, Vijaykumar, said that she was always a good student throughout her academic career. “She received a 97 percent on her SSC exams. We intended her to become a doctor after she finished her HSC in Science. However, she exhibited an interest in software engineering and was admitted to KIT College. We are pleased with her job offer, which she received before finishing her degree. We also want to thank the college administration for assisting her with the pre-placement offer.”


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