ISRO All Set To Launch Chandrayaan-3 In August 2022

ISRO All Set To Launch Chandrayaan-3 Set In August 2022
ISRO All Set To Launch Chandrayaan-3 Set In August 2022

NEW DELHI: Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh said today that Chandrayaan-3 will launch in August 2022.

According to Singh, the realisation of Chandrayaan-3 is underway, based on the lessons learned from Chandrayaan-2 and proposals offered by national level specialists.

Many relevant hardware and special tests have been performed successfully, and the launch is anticipated for August 2022.

The Minister stated that 19 missions are scheduled for 2022 (January to December), including 08 Launch Vehicle Missions, 07 Spacecraft Missions, and 04 Technology Demonstrator Missions.

The COVID-19 epidemic hampered several current operations. In addition, project reprioritization has occurred in the context of Space Sector reforms and newly adopted demand-driven models. In the last three years, the following missions have been completed.

Satellite Name Launch Date


EOS-03 Aug 12, 2021
Amazonia-1 Feb 28, 2021
Satish Dhawan SAT (SDSAT) Feb 28, 2021
UNITYsat Feb 28, 2021
CMS-01 Dec 17, 2020
EOS-01 Nov 07, 2020
GSAT-30 Jan 17, 2020
RISAT-2BR1 Dec 11, 2019
Cartosat-3 Nov 27, 2019
Chandrayaan-2 Jul 22, 2019
RISAT-2B May 22, 2019
EMISAT Apr 01, 2019
GSAT-31 Feb 06, 2019
Microsat-R Jan 24, 2019
Kalamsat-V2 Jan 24, 2019


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