Breaking Barriers, Defying Limits: Major Vivek’s Quest to Empower the Differently-abled

Breaking Barriers, Defying Limits: Major Vivek's Quest to Empower the Differently-abled
Breaking Barriers, Defying Limits: Major Vivek's Quest to Empower the Differently-abled

In the pursuit of a meaningful life beyond the battlefield, Major Vivek Jacob, a stalwart with 15 years of service in the armed forces, discovered a new calling. Breaking away from his military commitments, Major Vivek founded CLAW Global (Conquer Land, Air, Water), a social impact organization dedicated to enabling persons with disabilities to embrace adventure sports like scuba diving, skydiving, and mountaineering.

A Shift from Service to a New Purpose

The timeless existential question of life’s purpose confronted Major Vivek Jacob after dedicating a significant portion of his life to the service of his nation. At 44 years old, Major Vivek expressed the desire to live in the present and chart a new course for his life.

“I had given my country and my work all that I could. I knew it was time for me to move on to a different facet of my life,” he recounted.

A Promise of Hope: Birth of CLAW Global

Major Vivek’s journey took an unexpected turn after a life-altering accident during his service. While recovering, he met Flight Lieutenant Bhaduria, a paraplegic due to a diving accident. Witnessing his friend’s struggle and shattered hope, Major Vivek promised to fulfill his friend’s dream of scuba diving again.

From Battlegrounds to Boundless Heights: Major Vivek Jacob's Inspiring Journey
From Battlegrounds to Boundless Heights: Major Vivek Jacob’s Inspiring Journey

The promise became a turning point in Major Vivek’s life, shaping his mission to empower people with disabilities through adventure sports. In 2017, after retiring from the military, he founded CLAW Global, with a vision to provide hope and training to people with disabilities.

CLAW Global: Finding Ability in Disabilities

CLAW Global, with a dedicated team of six core members and ten other individuals, focuses on training people with disabilities in various adventure sports. From paralysis to terminal illnesses, visual impairments to amputations, the organization tirelessly works to unlock the potential within each person.

A Vision Beyond Limits

Major Vivek’s vision extends to the ‘Land World Record’ and ‘Soul of Steel – Himalaya’ programs. The ‘Soul of Steel’ initiative, a first of its kind in India, trains individuals in high-altitude mountain climbing, rescue operations, life skills, and basic survival.

The ‘Land World Record’ program recently made headlines as a team of eight people, including those with visual impairments and amputations, embarked on a challenging expedition to the Siachen Glacier and back, earning praise from Prime Minister Modi.

Empowering Dreams, One Adventure at a Time

Chonnzin Angmo, a participant in the Siachen expedition, expressed her awe-inspiring journey. “It was not easy, but the success of the expedition helped me gain a lot of confidence. Whenever I felt like giving up, my teammates supported me and gave me confidence,” she shared.

Paving the Way Forward

Looking ahead, Major Vivek envisions expanding the ‘Land World Record’ program to ‘Air’ and ‘Water World Record’ programs. These initiatives aim to train persons with disabilities to independently engage in skydiving and water diving.

Reflecting on his transformative work, Major Vivek emphasized, “A lot of people look at disabilities with sympathy, but we look for the ability in the disability. Every person has an inner potential that they need to realize, once you do that, there is nothing stopping you.” Major Vivek Jacob’s inspiring journey is a testament to resilience, hope, and the boundless possibilities of the human spirit.

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